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9 mos. -1yr

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Q: When you file a claim how long do you have to wait for medical treatment from your employer before can you seek your own doctor for a work related injury?
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Emergency treatment administered before a medical professional is available is called?

A. The Paramedics

What is the medical term meaning before knowledge or prediction about the outcome of treatment?


Does a parent have to sign before a minors medical records can be released?

The answer depends on your state laws, and the content of the medical records. For instance, in New York, minors have control over records and care related to HIV, psychiatric, drug, and sexual health treatment.

Can you collect workers compensation if you walk off the job?

In California you are in a better position if you filed a claim or told your employer you were injured and needed medical treatment before you walked off the job. Quitting is not a bar to workers comp under all circumstances, especially if you had previously reported the claim. You will probably need an attorney because your employer or carrier will likely deny the claim.

Can a pregnant employee be terminated for taking family medical leave three weeks before baby is born?

Most likely not, as long as your employer is bound by the FMLA and you have been with the Employer long enough.

Treatment Center for Depression?

form_title=Find a Treatment Center for Depression form_header=Look for treatment centers in your area. Do you have medical insurance?= () Yes () No Have you sought treatment before?= () Yes () No Have you been to a doctor or therapist?= () Yes () No

Can you smoke before dental treatment?

There should be no medical contra-indication for a single cigarette before a dental treatment. But take in consideration that you will then open your mouth to another person that will get all the bad smell in his or her face.

Do you have to take hiv testing for outpatient alcohol treatment?

There is no medical reason for why alcohol services would need to know your HIV status before you access treatment with them.

When should a living will be created?

It is highly recommended that discussion of patient wishes occurs before medical treatment is necessary,

Where can I find online medical diagnoses?

They Mayo Clinic is a site other than WebMd that can help you with medical diagnosis. It is important though to see a qualified medical proffesional for a diagnosis before treatment.

How do you get started in Medical Aesthetics?

You should be a qualified medical Professional before you consider medical aeshtetics. This is especially true of botox which is still a key part of the medical aesthetics treatment mix. There are specific courses run by the suppliers of medical aesthetic products which are certificated.

Can your employer cancel your medical coverage before you have received any info about cobra coverage?

Legally? no, your employer has 60 days to mail you information on COBRA policies they offer. Your policy from your employment will terminate 30 business days after your employment ends