Where did Mia Zapata go to high school?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Presentation Academy

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Q: Where did Mia Zapata go to high school?
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What school does mia mackenna-bruce go to?

Cardiff high school

What school did Emiliano Zapata go to?

emiliano zapata went to presentation academy

What school does Mia talerico go to?


Where did Mia go to high school?

Mia Hamm finished high school at Lake Braddock Secondary School in Virginia, which is just southwest of Washington. She moved there from Witchita Falls, Texas. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she played her college soccer, is about 150 or so miles away. That certainly had a bearing on her move to Burke, Virginia. Her talent wasn't a secret - she was playing on the U.S. Women's National Team at age 15. Mia attended Winchester High School.

Did mia hamm go to trade school?


What nicknames does Anna Zapata go by?

Anna Zapata goes by Anita.

Where did Mia Hamm go to elemantary school?


Where did Mia go to school?

In high school she went to Lake Braddock Secondary School and college UNC, University of North CarolinaThe University of North CarolinaI found this here:

What Middle school did Mia hamm go to?

PS 121 in NYC

Where does Mia McKenna Bruce go to school?

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls in Maidstone, Kent.

What school does mia mckenna-Bruce go to?

Mia Mckenna Bruce goes to Maidstone Grammar School for Girls. I know this because I go there myself and have seen her. For anybody who wishes to know, she is in Year 9.

what high school did she go to!!!!!!!!!!!!?

what high school did she go to and where!!!!!!!!!!