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According to Christianity, there were no people before Satan's so-called fall from heaven.

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We all go to the grave when we die.

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Q: Where did people go before Satan fell from Heaven?
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Who was in charge of the choir in heaven?

A Christian tradition says that Satan was the leader of the choir in heaven, before he was thrown out of heaven. On the other hand, Judaism gives Satan a completely different role, as shown, for example, in the Book of Job. Jews believe that Satan was the loyal assistant of God, tasked with testing the righteousness of the faithful, and that he still fills that heavenly role.

Who took Satan's job in heaven?

Though it is evident that Satan i.e Son of the Morning had some responsibility before he fell, the scriptures give no indication as to what they were. It neither gives any indication that someone replaced him. Knowing that the organization in heaven is perfect I assume that his position was filled.

Is Satan a ghost?

I do not think Satan is a ghost. ________________________________________ No he isn't. Satan represents two things. * the spiritual being that fell from heaven, the Angel or Demon. * and anything in opposition to the Christian or Jewish Dogma

How many battles did Satan win against God in the war of heaven?

There has not been a war of heaven and Satan did not win any battles against God. What had happened is that, when he was an angel, he thought himself better than God and thus fell and became who he is now. Satan has absolutely no power over God or any of his angels.

What is the momon belief about God and Satan?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) believe that God is our Father in Heaven, and that He is the creator of all things. They believe that Satan is a son of God who was disobedient and 'fell from heaven' to become the devil. You can learn more about what Mormons believe about God and Satan at the "Related Links" below.

Where did fallen angels go?

the devil himself was an arch angel until he challenged God because he wanted to have heaven as his own.Satan gathered other angels in heaven who felt the same as he did and challenged God to battle for heaven. God sent saint Michael and the rest of heavens angels to battle Satan and his "angels".saint Michael won the battle and drove Satan out of heaven and Satan fell down to hell along with all the "angels" that challenged God.

Why did satin get sent to hell?

Satan didn't exactly get sent to hell, he chose to be alienated from God, of his own free will, and "fell from heaven" Luke 10:18 [Jesus said] And he said to them, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven." He went to hell because he chose not to serve God.

Did some people know that Satan was evil?

Yes. Most people know that Satan was evil, but some fell under his temtations. All christians knew he was the evil one.

How many pages does When Heaven Fell have?

When Heaven Fell has 343 pages.

When was When Heaven Fell created?

When Heaven Fell was created on 1995-03-01.

Why is it that Satan is always depicted as a monster if he originally fell from heaven and therefore should look like an angel?

Perhaps, as a child views monsters as being 'evil', it would be easier to portray Satan as a monster to symbolise how he is in fact evil. But that's my opinion.

What is the duration of The Night Heaven Fell?

The duration of The Night Heaven Fell is 1.55 hours.