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Royal Holloway is a London university and has three faculties and 18 academic departments. The Royal Holloway University is located slightly west of Engham, Surrey within the boundary of the Greater London Urban Area, and is some 19 miles away from the geographical center of London.

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Q: Where is Royal Holloway located?
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What has the author M J Powell written?

M. J. Powell has written: 'The Royal Holloway College, 1887-1937' -- subject(s): Royal Holloway College

How many students are there at Royal Holloway University?

The Royal Holloway University is situated in Egham, Surrey, United Kingdom. The college has 3 faculties, 18 academic departments and 9000 undergraduate and post graduate students.

What has the author Roger Holloway written?

Roger Holloway has written: 'The Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment' -- subject(s): Great Britain, Great Britain. Army. Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment

What does the acronym RHUL stand for?

"RHUL" stands for "Royal Holloway, University of London." It is a constituent college of the University of London and has about 9,000 undergraduates. RHUL is located near Surrey and is considered one of the top universities in the UK.

Where is the Holloway-Gonzales Branch Library in Bakersfield located?

The address of the Holloway-Gonzales Branch Library is: 506 E. Brundage Lane, Bakersfield, 93307 3337

What is the world ranking for royal holloway university of London?

12th in the uk, 36th in Europe and 102th in the world following THE rankings.

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Where is the Caledonian Road Tube Station located?

Caledonian Road Tube Station is located on Caledonian Road in Holloway in the north of London on London Underground's Piccadilly Line between King's Cross St. Pancreas and Holloway Road. The address is Caledonian Road, London, N7 9BA.

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