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saghs is located in evans street curepe

  • we r d bestest skl evr
  • we luv our frendz
  • da lawn is awsm
  • we luv most of our teachers
  • we excel in evrythin we do
  • we r vry frendly......even 2 d new frm 1s
we r d best n no1 can detest
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Q: Where is Saint Augustine girls high school located?
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When was Saint Andrew's Priory School for Girls created?

Saint Andrew's Priory School for Girls was created in 1867.

When was CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls' School created?

CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls' School was created in 1933.

Where is Saint Joseph college in Karachi?

St. Joseph's College is located in Saddar Karachi, Pakistan. It is an all girls college next to St. Josephs School for girls. Its located between St. Paul's school for boys and next to St Patrick's school for boys.

What is CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls' School's motto?

CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls' School's motto is '德纯义坚'.

Is Saint Mary high school an all girls school?

in pickering it's not

Where is the Oxford High School for Girls located?

The Oxford High School for Girls is an all female high school that is located in Oxford, England. It is the oldest girls school in the city and was founded in 1875.

What is a unique name for a boarding school for a book?

it depends what sort of school it is is it an all girls school or an all boys school or a combined school a good name for a all girls school is saint clares

What is Madeline Sophie Barat the patron saint of?

Madeline Sophie Barat is not a patron saint at this time.

What is the biggest school in Trinidad and Tobago?

Well in Trinidad there are many good schools .Saint Augustine Girls High School it is a Presbysterian school and you have to make in 98 to 100 percentile to go to that school and Saint Marys College it is a boy school not sure about religion and to go to that school you have to make 98 percentile to 100 percentile to go to that school. By the way to past for these schools you have to take an exam called s.e.a secondary entrance examination.There are Naparima Girls' and Naps Boys' which are 2 of the best South schools. There are Presentation Colleges, Sando and Chaguanas.There are many convents-St.Joseph Convents and Holy Faith Convents. There is also a Hindu college,Lashkmi Girls'.There is also Hillview College in Tunapuna.

What country is Oprah's school for girls in?

Oprah's all girls school is located in Johannesburg, South Africa

What is the best catholic high school?

For boys it is Saint Joseph Colgate Institute of America For girls it is Mount Saint Mary's

Where is the GALS school located?

Located in Denver, Colorado, GALS is the first and only all girls charter school. This school is for girls in grades 6 through 8. GALS stands for Girls Athletic Leadership Schools.