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new echota

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Q: Where was the Cherokee capital located in 1825?
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Where did the Cherokee located their permanent capital in Georgia in 1825?

New Echota.

Where did the Cherokee locate their permanent capital in Georgia in 1825?

New Echota.

What was the capital of Indiana after 1825?

Indianapolis became the capital of Indiana on January 10, 1825. The first state capital was at Corydon (1816-1825).

Where was the Cherokee capital of New Echota located?

The old Cherokee capital of New Echota is located in Gordon county Georgia, currently there is a Federal Park and Historical site there.

What was Indiana's first state capital?

Corydon was the state capital from 1816 to 1825.

In 1816 what was the capital of Indiana?

The Indiana state capital moved to Indianapolis from Corydon in 1825.

1816-1825 Indiana's state capital?


What was Indiana's state capital before Indianapolis?

Indianapolis became the state capital on January 10, 1825. From statehood in 1816 until 1825, the capital was Corydon.

What capital of Indiana a state that joined the union in 1816?

Corydon was the capital until 1825, when it was moved to Indianapolis.

The capital of the Eastern Cherokee in 1822 was?

There was no capital of the Cherokee, the Cherokee practiced a form of government without centralization.

When did Indianapolis become a capital?

Indianapolis, Indiana became the capitol in 1825.

When did the capital move to Indianapolis?

Indianapolis became the capitol of Indiana in 1825.