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There are many colleges which offer Criminal Justice courses online. Some include Kaplan University, Westwood College, and the ITT Technical Institute. All offer various programs and courses in Criminal Justice.

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There is a long list of online CJ courses. Some are offered through brick-and-mortar institutions (four-year and two-year) and others are through schools whose predominate presence is online. These websites let you tailor a search for your field of study and degree goals: AND AND You might also find this site interesting:

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Q: Which colleges offer online Criminal Justice courses?
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Where can I take a criminal justice program?

There are many online courses that offer classes in criminal justice. However, if you prefer, you can take classes at your local community colleges in your area.

Are there night classes for criminal justice course?

Many community colleges offer night courses for criminal justice. However, there are also many online courses that you can take as well. That may fit your time schedule better.

Where can I take a criminal justice course?

You can take a criminal justice course at universities and colleges that offer programs in criminal justice, criminology, or related fields. Many institutions also have online courses and certificate programs in criminal justice that you can enroll in. Additionally, some community colleges and vocational schools may offer criminal justice courses as well.

Whether there are ways I can be able to take criminal justice degree courses without going to college.?

Yes, there are many online colleges which offer criminal justice degrees. For example: or

Where can I find a list of online colleges that offer criminal justice courses?

Try this source, it includes Kaplan among other such schools.

Where might one find criminal justice online courses?

There are a number of online universities which offer criminal justice courses. Colorado Technical University and the University of Phoenix, for example, both offer these courses online.

Are there colleges offering criminal justice diploma courses online?

Western Governor's University offers criminal justice degrees online as well as classes in support of that degree. The semester charge is only $3,000 and you can take as many classes as you want.

What online colleges offer an Online Criminal Justice Program?

The Kaplan University School of Criminal Justice offers online associate's and bachelor's degree programs designed to help you become a criminal justice

What's the best criminal justice online colleges?

University of Phoenix offers a great criminal justice course.

What courses online offer criminal justice careers?

Phoenix University and Ashford University are two colleges online that have this course for you. They both are great schools and I know from personal experiences.

How do I find criminal justice colleges online?

Search on or select a school you are interested in, visit their website, and see if they offer an online criminal justice program

Is it possible to study criminal justice online?

Yes it is possible to study criminal justice online. You can try local online colleges or phoenix college which is a nationwide college. You can also do search for criminal justice on college page to see for more schools.