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ISBM in terms of placements

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Q: Which is the better MBA college isbm or indira?
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Is PGDM in indira college of pune good?

Indira Institute of Management often called as Indira College is a reputed management institute in Pune. It is one of the top MBA institutes in India, affiliated to University of Pune. The PGDM course is good since it follows a standard curriculum approved by AICTE and Pune University.

Is MBA consider a post graduate course for Indira Gandhi scholarship for single girl child?

is mba consider a post graduate course for indira gandhi scholar ship for single girl child

Your general rank in uptu MBA intrance exam is 13401 so which college botter for in west side?

tell me about which MBA college is better till gn rank 13401

Is doing MBA tech ie dual degree btech and MBA from nmims better or be degree from some Mumbai university college?

it is much better than doing engg. from some mu college. but its gonna cost alot.

Your rank in uptu-MBA is gn4143 which college you will get?

"my rank in uptu-mba is gn3400 which college you will get?"

MBA Dunia?

We are provide mba college in India

How do you introduce yourself the first day in college in an MBA program?

First, use better grammar: "How should I introduce myself on first day of an MBA curriculum?" Getting to the point: "Hello. I am Andrew Matej. And you are?"

What is better after MBA?

An MBA is effectively a terminal degree.

Which one is better MS OR MBA after engineering in information technology?

i think MBA is better

Which is the top MBA college of uptu on the basis of placement faculty?

top 50 MBA college in u.p.t.u. on the basis of placement.

Is BBA better than MBA?

Can never be. BBA is a Bachelor's course and MBA is a Master's Course. So MBA is better than BBA.

Is part time MBA worth doing from Thakur college?

Yes, part time MBA worth doing from Thakur college.