Which prefix means again?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: Which prefix means again?
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What prefix means back or again?

The prefix that means "back" or "again" is "re-".

What word that has a prefix that mean again?

The word "rewrite" has a prefix "re-" that means again.

What is the prefix of resilient?

Re- is the prefix and it means again. Silient is the root wood and it means to recoil or leap back. Together the word means to recoil again and again.

What prefixes means again?

A prefix is a letter or group of letters that is added to the beginning of a Greek or Latin root words to change its meaning. The prefix "re-" means "again" e.g. repeat, rearrange, regroup, redirect, recycle

What is a prefix relationship?

Re is the prefix. This prefix means back or again.

What is the prefix react?

yes. re means again. act means to do something. so react is to do something again.

What is the prefix of the word replayed?

The prefix of the word "replayed" is "re-". This prefix means "again" or "back."

What is the prefix to start again begging with re?

The prefix to start again is "re-", which means "again" or "back."

What is prefix of ready?

The prefix of ready is re-. This prefix means again or back.

What is the prefix re in recite?

prefix 're' means again recite means to repeat the words of

Does returnable have a prefix?

Yes, returnable does have a prefix. Its prefix is re- which means back or again.

What is the prefix in reptile?

The prefix in "reptile" is "re-", which means "again" or "back."