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Q: Which sentence would stand out the most when scanning a paragraph?
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When scanning through an article would a noun stand out most or a passage?

the noun would stand out most

What part of the sentence in the paragraph contains it main idea?

If you mean what sentence in the paragraph contains the main idea then it would be the topic sentence and the rephrased version of the conclusion.

Where does a thesis statement belong in an introduction paragraph?

They are supposed to be at the end. If write an introduction, they are supposed ti be the last sentence. Never have a thesis statement has a starting sentence; that would be very wrong of you!

Where can you find the topic sentence in the second paragraph?

Usually the topic sentence is the first sentence in a paragraph. The topic sentence makes a statement about some topic and the rest of the paragraph explains the topic sentence or gives examples of the topic sentence. For example if this was the topic sentence There are three living species of Kiwi all of which inhabit New Zealand. Then this paragraph would probably tell us what the three species are and where they live in NZ.

What ar the part of paragraph?

Sentences? A paragraph is made up of sentences. It begins with a topic sentence, continues with supporting sentences, and ends with a concluding sentence. * New person * And I would like to cal a "hook" is a sentence to lead the reader into reading the paragraph.

what sentence would be the topic sentence in a paragraph about a school athletic team?

how to change a soccer game technically.

Would the topic sentence go in the introduction?

Yes, the topic sentence typically goes in the introduction of a paragraph. It serves as a brief summary of the main point or idea that will be discussed in the paragraph.

What you would try to identify when you're looking for the main idea in a single paragraph?

When looking for the main idea in a single paragraph, I would focus on identifying the central topic or theme that the paragraph is discussing. This can usually be found in the topic sentence or repeated throughout the paragraph. It is important to distinguish the main idea from supporting details or examples.

How do you write a topic sentence for an example paragraph?

A topic sentence is a sentence that explains what the paragraph is going to be about. For example, if a paragraph is about horses, the topic sentence would tell exactly what type of horse it is about. An example would be: "Arabian horses are both beautiful and functional creatures".

What is introduction paragraph?

The introductory sentence is usually the open sentence of the paragraph. This sentence is what captures the reader's interest and leads him into the topic of the paragraph. The introductory sentence is usually followed by the topic sentence.

In which of the elements of a paragraph would you find support for the main idea?

The topic sentence should state the main idea that will be developed. The reader should easily be able to see the main idea, simply by reading the topic sentence. The topic sentence is usually the first sentence in the paragraph, and is the most important thought in the paragraph.

What is the final thing you need to write about in a paragraph?

You would write a conclusion to the paragraph that would recap the information as well as answering the question posed by the first, topic sentence.