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New Era University because it's the best according on the following:

1.Best Engineering Schools rank no.1 on United Nations Charts released on 2011/2012,but now ,it waits the newest news about the latest standing of New Era University released on September 2012/2013,in US.

2.Best Law Schools rank no.2 on United Nations Charts released on 2011/2012,but it's waits the latest news on September 2012/2013,in US.

3.Best Nursing Schools rank no.3 on United Nations Charts released on 2011/2012,it's waits the latest news released on September 2012/2013,in US.

4.Best Education Schools ,mark passed ,because it only achieved the right quota based on LET International board exams,but now,it's waits the latest news released on September 2012/2013,in US.

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Mapua Institute Of Technoogy

For general courses, better check the table of tuition fees here:

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The University of the Philippines Los Baños is the largest university in the Philippines, with over 15 000 hectares of land.

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Q: Which university in the Philippines is accredited by the US?
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What are the Philippine schools accredited in Singapore?

University of the Philippines

By who is corllins university accredited?

Corllins University is accredited by GAB and APTEC.

Is Branton University is accredited university in US?

no it is not

Universities of the Philippines accredited to go in Singapore?

University of Sto. Tomas, University of the Philippines, De la Salle University, Fatima University, Pamantasan Lungsod ng Maynila,

Is Hindu University of the US an accredited university?


Which hospital is accredited in the philippines Is ovary cyst operation included in the insurance what do i need to do and what do i have to have with me for me to be able to reimburse my money if i will have my operation in the philippines ?

St. Paul University of the Philippines is accredited. It offers ovary cyst operation

Is the University of Phoenix accredited by WASC?

If you live in the western US, a degree from this university is useless. It is not WASC accredited.

Is the University of Birmingham accredited in the US?

Yes, it is.

Medical clinic at the Philippines accredited to medical going to New Zealand?

saint mary's university

Is the University of the East in Philippines a US accredited university?

What do you exactly mean by "a US accredited university?" Is it accredited or recognized? Accredited by the US government or any of its agencies, or by US institutions of higher learning? Accredited to do what? As a Philippine university,UST is subject to Philippine laws.Its authority to bestow degrees therefore comes mainly from the Philippine government itself, notwithstanding its Dominican origin and Pontifical status which give it a special character. UST is recognized by similar institutions in the US or anywhere in the world as a legitimate university granting degrees because of this authority from the Philippine government. Accordingly, UST students, alumni, and faculty, subject to admission policies, are able to and are free to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies in any university in the US or anywhere else. If you want to know the official credentials of UST, visit the link below:

What college is accepted by the US Army?

Any accredited university in the US. Any accredited ROTC programme is also accepted.

University of Atlanta genuine?

Yes, they are an accredited University approved by the US Department of Education.