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Q: Which usually require students to maintain a specific number of hours and grade point average?
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Which of these usually require students to maintain a specific number of hours and gradeepoint average?


What does your GPA need to be to be a pediatric nurse?

There's no specific GPA to become a pediatric nurse. However most nursing schools require students to maintain a minimum GPA to be enrolled in a program. After you graduate from school and hired for a position is where you really specialize in a field.

What does maintain place cs mean?

"Maintain place cs" is not a common or widely understood term. It is possible that it is a specific industry or organization-specific acronym or code that would require more context to accurately interpret.

How many hours will it take to drive 862 miles?

It will require one hour if you maintain an average speed of 862 miles per hour. It will require two hours if you maintain an average speed of 431 miles per hour. If your average speed is 60 miles per hour it will require about 14 hours and 20 minutes of driving time to end the trip. If you have access to a good motor speedway, you should expect faster times.

What is the school supplis for rogersville teneesee's Cherokee high's tenth grade?

Cherokee High School in Rogersville, Tennessee, does require supplies for their 10th grade students. Students need to contact their specific teacher to determine what specific supplies are needed for their individual classes.

Is it mandated for every university student to get a summer job?

Some programs will require a certain number of work hours in a specific field. This usually applies to college students learning a trade. Some scholarships could also require it. You have to look into the specific program.

Should schools require their students to wear school uniforms?

Whether schools should require students to wear uniforms is a debated topic. Proponents argue that uniforms create a sense of equality and discipline among students, while opponents believe that it restricts students' freedom of expression and does not necessarily improve academic performance. Ultimately, the decision depends on the specific values and goals of the school community.

Is it true schools may require prayer and curriculum on religion?

Schools in the United States are not allowed to require prayer or promote any specific religion due to the separation of church and state. However, they may offer religious studies as an elective course for academic purposes. It is important for schools to maintain a neutral stance on religion to respect the diverse beliefs of all students and families.

What piercings require specific safety precautions?

All piercings require specific safety precautions.

What is the difference between restricted-response and extended-response essay?

Restricted-response essays require students to provide a specific answer to a prompt within a limited format, such as short-answer or multiple-choice questions. Extended-response essays require students to provide a thorough, detailed response to a prompt, allowing for more in-depth analysis and exploration of the topic.

Is there a certain amount of money required to keep the account open?

Most banks require a certain amount to open, and possibly to maintain, but one should check with their bank for specific requirements.

Will you require sponsorship to obtain maintain or extend your employment authorization?

No, I do not require sponsorship for employment authorization.