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If you are asking who's name changed to Israel in the Hebrew Bible, it was Jacob.

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They didn't "become" Hebrew. They were Hebrew because their ancestors were Hebrew.

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Q: Who became Israel in the Hebrew beginning?
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Who became known as israel in the beginning of the hebrew people?

Jacob became known as Israel in the Book of Genesis.

When did Hebrew become an official language?

It became an official language in 1948, when the government of Israel voted on it.

What is the Hebrew word for Cainan?

There is no Hebrew word for Cainan. Cainan is not a Hebrew word. but if you mean Canaan, the country that later became Israel, its כנען (pronounced k'nah-ahn)

How has Israel helped the Hebrew language to make a comeback?

Eliezer ben-Yehuda revived Hebrew into a spoken language starting in the 1880s. It became one of the official languages of Israel along with Arabic. Today there are over 7 million native speakers of Hebrew.

Why was Hebrew declared as a Jewish language?

Declared as a Jewish language? An odd turn of phrase. Hebrew is and has always been the language of the Hebrew Bible and Jewish prayer. A century ago, Hebrew was to Judaism as Latin was to the Catholic Church, but around that time, a group of Jews in Palestine decided to speak only Hebrew in their homes, and as a result, a generation of Palestinian Jews grew up speaking Hebrew as their native language. As the Palestinian Jewish community grew and then became the modern state of Israel, Hebrew became an official language of Israel, alongside Arabic. Much more recently, right-wing element in Israel have pushed to reduce the use of Arabic in Israel as a nationalist measure to de-legitimize Israel's large Arab minority.

What is the capital of the Hebrews?

There is no country called "Hebrew" - the Hebrew people are Israelis (people who live in Israel). The capital of Israel is Jerusalem.

What is the land located within the fertile crescent that became the home of the Hebrew people?

The land of Israel (ישראל)

When was Hebrew Writers Association in Israel created?

Hebrew Writers Association in Israel was created in 1921.

What does Israel transliterate into?

The correct transliteration of the Hebrew word is 'Yisroel'. Israel is the anglicised version of the Hebrew.

How is Israeli literature related to Hebrew literature?

Most literature written in Israel is in Hebrew. Hebrew is the main national language of Israel.

Would a person who speaks Hebrew most likely be in Israel or Turkey?

Hebrew is the language spoken in Israel

Are ancient Hebrew and ancient Israel the same thing?

No. Ancient Hebrew is a language, and Ancient Israel is nation.