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Q: Who is current education manister?
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Who is the priem manister of the contary?

The current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is Theresa May (Conservative).If you want to find out for another country, you must state the name of the country.

Who is the new prime manister of Pakistan in future?

imran khan

What is difference between elected Prime Manister and selected Prime Manister?

well,a democratic country gets to elect/vote their Prime Minister,while some other countries do not vote but they select a person with knowledge and money

If mulayam singh yadav was defence minister of India?

mulayam singh yadav difence manister

What is the name of the current Secretary of Education in the US?

Arne Duncan is the current secretary of education in the US

When was Current Issues in Comparative Education created?

Current Issues in Comparative Education was created in 1997.

Name of current minister of education in nigeria?

There is no current Minister of Education in Nigeria. However, the previous Minister of Education was named Ruqayyah Ahmed Rufa'i,

Reaction to current political issues in the relation with education and the Philippine cultural values?

new current issues in education in the Philippines

Special Education What are the current trends and critical issues related to learning disabilities?

what ared the current trends in the education of person with learnin disabilities

How do you contact US Secretary of Education?

the email for the current US Secretary of Education

What are some websites focusing on current issues in education?

Some websites focusing on current issues in education are the Economist, BBC News and the White House. There are also education-based websites which also focus on issues in education.

Who is the current minister of education?

The current Secretary of Education in the United States is Arne Duncan. Duncan has held the office since January 2009.