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Its founder, Jesse Mercer.

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Q: Who is mercer university named after?
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When was Mercer University created?

Mercer University was created in 1833.

When was Mercer University Press created?

Mercer University Press was created in 1979.

When was Mercer University School of Engineering created?

Mercer University School of Engineering was created in 1985.

Where is the Mercer University in Macon Georgia located?

The address of the Mercer University is: 1400 Coleman Ave, Macon, GA 31207

Was Langston university named after Langston Hughes?

Yes, Langston University was named after John Mercer Langston, an African American politician, attorney, and activist, who was the first dean of the law school at Howard University. Langston University was established in 1897 and named in his honor. Langston Hughes, the poet and writer, was not directly involved in the founding of the university.

Where is Mercer University located?

Its main campus is in Macon GA.

Does Duke Ellington have children?

Duke Ellington has a child named Mercer Kennedy Ellington.

What kinds of courses does Mercer University offer?

Mercer University offers extensive course study in over 70 concentrations. Mercer University school of business is constantly rated in the top 50 business schools in the United States. They also offer studies in design , medicine, education, as well as many other areas.

What are the ACT score requirements for Mercer University?

You have to have atleast 23 on your ACT!

Who is Charlotte mercer?

There is no widely known person named Charlotte Mercer in a notable context. It is possible that she may be a private individual or a fictional character in a specific context.

Did Franklin Roosevelt have a mistress?

Yes, named Lucy Mercer, she was officially his private secretary and was with him when he died in Georgia.

What university is Gatorade named for?

Gatorade was developed by the University of Florida. The product was named after the University's alligator mascots, Albert and Alberta.