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* Frederick the Great * Erwin Rommel

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Q: Who is the greatest German general?
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How do you say general in German?

"allgemeine" is German for "general"

Greatest southern general?

the greatest southern general of all time is general George Washington

When was General German Workers' Association created?

General German Workers' Association was created in 1863.

When did General German Workers' Association end?

General German Workers' Association ended in 1875.

Who was the first German general to plot the assassination of Hitler?

General Ludwig Beck was the first German general to plot the assassination of Hitler.

Who is the greatest German?

Mozart, you should know that

Who was prussian's greatest German rivals?


What was Hitler's greatest lie to the German people?

Hitler's greatest lie to the German people is that he would not kill the Jews. Hitler committed suicide before the war was over.?æ

Who was the German General Max Pemsel in WW II?

Max Pemsel during the WWII was Lieutenant General. Chief of the Army General Staff of the German 7th Army.

Who was the greatest German composer in the enlightenment?

Johann Sebastian Bach

Who was the last surviving German general from World War 2?

General Heinrich Trettner the last surviving German General from WW II passed away September 18th 2006.

Who was the greatest roman fighter?

Julius Caesar is recognised as the greatest general the Romans had ever had.