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Q: Who usually received a formal education in ancient Athenian society?
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What did spartan athenian society emphasize the most?

Spartan society emphasized military training, discipline, and physical fitness. Athenian society emphasized democracy, education, philosophy, and the arts.

When was The Athenian Society created?

The Athenian Society was created in 1691.

What did Athenian society emphasize the most?

Athenian society emphasized democratic governance and the active participation of its citizens in political decision-making. The principles of equality, rule of law, and freedom of speech and assembly were highly valued. Education, particularly in areas such as rhetoric, philosophy, and the arts, was also prioritized in Athenian society.

Describe how young athenian boys were educated?

Young Athenian boys were educated in a variety of subjects, with a focus on physical education, music, and literature. They learned to read and write, studied poetry and drama, and were trained in athletic activities like wrestling and running. This education aimed to develop their physical endurance, intellectual abilities, and moral character, preparing them to become responsible citizens in Athenian society.

Did ancient Athens have a civil society?

Yes. The Athenians came together in private groups to discuss issues of interest to them. This was part of the flourishing of Athenian democracy.

Who was the philosopher questioned Athenian laws customs and religion?

Socrates, an ancient Greek philosopher, questioned Athenian laws, customs, and religion. His critical approach to these aspects of society ultimately led to his trial and execution in 399 BC.

Was Plato's family rich or poor?

Plato came from an aristocratic and wealthy family in ancient Greece. His family was involved in politics and had connections to prominent figures in Athenian society.

What inference can you make regarding the impact of the plague on Athenian society?

Athenian society was also changed by Black Death. It also caused some of the major economic and social changes.

What skills did rich Athenian boys learn is school?

Rich Athenian boys were taught subjects such as reading, writing, arithmetic, music, poetry, and physical education in school. They also learned public speaking, debate, and how to participate in political discussions, preparing them for leadership roles in society.

How did Athenian culture and society contribute to present society?

Athenian culture like the Parthenon and the temples columns are what modern day art is comprised of. THey influenced the modern day art immensely

What is the difference between athenian girls and girls today?

There are several differences between Athenian girls from ancient times and girls today. Athenian girls had limited opportunities for education and were expected to focus on domestic duties and marriage. In contrast, girls today have more freedom and opportunities for education, career choices, and personal development. Additionally, Athenian society was highly patriarchal, while today's societies generally strive for greater gender equality.

What is the relationship between culture and education?

i want the claer relationship between culture and education