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Q: Who was the Italian singer that sang Al Di la?
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Who sang Al-di-la in the movie Rome Adventure?

Emilio Pericolli sang Al Di La in the movie Rome Adventure

Who sang Al Di La?

Jerry Vail Jerry Vaile sang it originally

What is 'Welcome back to the US' in Italian?

benvenuto di nuovo al noi

What is 'I hope I see you at the playground' in Italian?

Spero di vedervi al parco giochi

Who sang the song Al Di Laon and was on Billboard?

It was originally sung by Emilio Pericoli and remade or resung by Connie Francis.

What is 'I am afraid to go to the bathroom' when translated from English to Italian?

Ho paura di andare al bagno

What is 'Edward's singer' when translated from English to Italian?

La cantante di Edward. If your'e talking about Twilight, la tua cantante means your'e singer.

What has the author Francesco di Manzano written?

Francesco di Manzano has written: 'Cenni biografici dei letterati ed artisti friulani dal secolo 4 al 19, raccolti dal conte Francesco di Manzano' -- subject(s): Artists, Italian, Authors, Italian, Biography, Italian Artists, Italian Authors

What is 'La vita è incerta ma non c'è ragione di arrendersi al destino' when translated from Italian to English?

La vita è incerta ma non c'è ragione di arrendersi al destino in Italian is "Life is uncertain, but there is no reason to surrender to fate" in English.

What has the author Di Sang written?

Di Sang has written: 'Kan shang qu hen chou'

What does di mean in Italian cooking?

In italian, generally, di means of.

What has the author Riccardo Sica written?

Riccardo Sica has written: 'Le pitture del Duomo di Avellino dal XVI al XIX secolo' -- subject(s): Duomo di Avellino (Italy), Italian Painting, Painting, Painting, Italian