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Q: Who was the National Junior Honor Society President in Omaha 1968?
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What does the secretary do in national junior honor society?

takes attendance

What is the njsh?

Did you mean NJHS?-National Junior Honor Society

What are the 5 elements of the national honor society?

scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship. Citizenship is only for National Junior Honor Society.

Was President Obama in the national honor society?


What community things do National Junior Honor Society sponsor?

vounteer work

Can you be accepted in the National Honor Society as a high school sophomore?

I'm not sure if the rules change according to schools ,but my school says you can't obtain membership to the NHS until your junior year. Per the Constitution of the National Honor Society, members must be a sophomore, junior, or senior who has attended the school at least one semester. Freshmen are not allowed to be members. There is a National Junior Honor Society for junior high students.

What color are the candles in the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony?

They are Blue, Red, White, Green, Gold, and Purple.

When was Science National Honor Society created?

Science National Honor Society was created in 2000.

What does NJHS do?

The National Junior Honor Society is a youth organization, the junior version of the National Honor Society. NJHS does charity work for the community. In some school districts, you join by maintaining a GPA of at least 3.7 and can't have more than five demerits. In other school districts, your GPA needs to be at least 3.5, and you can't have over two Satisfactory's for your Citizenship grade. It is a very prestigious honor.

When was Spanish National Honor Society created?

Spanish National Honor Society was created in 1953.

How can i make national junior honor society a better organization?

To make the National Junior Honor Society a better organization, you can focus on improving communication between members and advisors, increasing community service opportunities, and promoting inclusivity and diversity within the organization. Encouraging collaboration and leadership development among members can also enhance the overall experience.

What is national honor junior society?

they are straight "A" students that can do extra work for $15. the extra work is pretty much helping the community as well as extra homework.