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because back when i wasnt born(a long,long time ago)white people thought that they were better & they needed to be treated better,so others meanings Black People disagreed with how they felt and certain things happens and started segregation.But with the help or strong powerful people back in the segregated days some like Rosa Parks & Martin L. King Jr.

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Q: Why did segregation in school start?
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Where did segregation first start?

Segregation started in the south.

What day did segregation start?


What year did segregation start?

The year was 1550

Did anyone start segregation?

The British government did.

What were Mr Smith's arguments for school segregation?

Non-segregation would put children in physical danger.

What were Mr Smith's arguments about school segregation during Brown v The Board of Education?

Segregation is a matter of racism

What types of segregation did martin Luther king jr grow up?

One type of segregation that was present at the time of Martin Luther King, Jr. was school segregation.

When did Asheville Middle School end segregation?

69 bc

When did school segregation ended?

Hi ppl having fun?

Is inclusion of blacks and whites in the same school racial segregation?

no, that would be segregation. Integration is the policy of combining races into one group

What year did racial segregation start in America?

It started in 1870

When did segregation in US begin?

The start of segregation collides with the end of the Civil War which was in 1865. However, blacks and whites were separated before that.