Why did you choose that hotel?

Updated: 11/11/2022
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cause i wanted to

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Q: Why did you choose that hotel?
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Why did you choose our hotel job?


Why you choose hotel career?

Those that love to travel and enjoy interacting with others daily sometimes choose hospitality careers. Working for a larger hotel chain often comes with perks such as free or discounted hotel accommodations.

Why did Agatha Christie choose the hotel for 'At Bertram's Hotel?

It's a classic kind of like murder on a train.

What hotels are available on Bornholm?

Bornholm, a Danish island in the Baltic Sea, has a number of hotels available to choose from. Some are Hotel Friheden, Hotel Skovly, and the Sverres Hotel.

Which hotel do the dallas cowboys stay at in cincinnati ohio?

Each team gets to choose where they stay, so there is not any specific hotel.

What are some Manchester cheap hotels?

There are several cheap hotels to choose from in Manchester. The Britania Sachas Hotel - is a three star cheap hotel. Also, there is the Campanile Manchester (two star) and the Britannia Airport Hotel South Manchester (three star) to choose from. There are others that are available also.

What are some hotels in Gibraltar?

There are a number of different hotels in Gibraltar one can choose from. Some of the best hotels in Gibraltar are Rock Hotel Gibraltar, O'Callaghan Eliott Hotel, and Bristol Hotel.

How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in touraine?

The price of what it would cost to stay in a hotel in Touraine would depend on the hotel you choose. I would recommend checking websites that specialize in booking hotel rooms to get a good deal, or contacting the hotel for a price quote.

Why did you choose this career as accountant in hotel?

what do you mean "Why did YOU..." i did not choose it....... whoever did choose this probably felt that the job was right for them and they had the math skill to be able to do this job everyday for the rest of their lives.

What are the best 4 star hotels in Dublin?

There are a plethora of 4 star hotels in Dublin to choose from but the hotels that are considered the best or most luxurious include The Burlington Hotel, Brooks Hotel, Ashling Hotel and Herbert Park Hotel.

How do you turn off hotel mode on videocon tv?

Go to Menu, then choose Application using left or right arrow keys, then use down arrow key to choose the Hotel mode control, "0000" is the default password, post which you can turn of the hotel mode by using the right arrow key

Why did you choose hotel industry career?

There are a number of reasons why you may have chosen the hotel industry career. You may have grown up with a parent in this industry for example.