Why do schools teach us french?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Why do I, personally?

Because I refuse to take Spanish. And French was my only other option.

I refuse to take Spanish.. why? Well because I think the Spanish people that move to the U.S. and other parts of the world should learn English.

I think they should learn English and not me learn their language.. Im not the one who moved here, so yeah why should I learn spanish FOR THEM?!

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Obviously school is the best place to learn a foreign language (other than living in a froreign country). Learning a foreign language will stand you in good stead. This is as essential as learning maths or English.

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they teach you to make you able to express yourself in more than your native language, which is quite important in lots of occupations.

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Q: Why do schools teach us french?
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What french words do schools teach?

In France, all of them!

What sports do French schools teach?

French schools teach the basics of athletics. Children also go to the swimming pool and play collective sports (basketball, football, ..)

Is Korean taught in any US high school?

In some US schools yes. Some schools that I've known of teaches Japanese, French and Spanish mainly. But I am pretty sure that some schools also teach Korean.

What countries teach french in school?

Many private schools in Turkey.

What Languages do they teach in French schools?

the languages taught in French school are mainly English, Spanish, German.

What is the purpose of Francophone schools?

Francophone schools teach subjects in French so students learn that language better and quicker.

Which schools in Queensland teach French?

Many state high schools offer French as a second language. There are no known specific bilingual schools. French is not offered as a subject in many Christian schools such as those found in the Lutheran system, or independent Christian schools, as demand is not high for this language as a subject.


so when we grow up we know stuff and teach our children

What do they teach in French schools?

all the normal subjects but french is equivilant to our English and vice versa but history and geography are combined to make l'histoire-geo,

Is German a subject?

German is a classified subject in schools. Not all primary schools have to teach it though. All secondary/high schools have to teach it. Most secondary schools give students the option on French, German or Spanish. So schools do other languages as well though. But yes, German is a classified subject under the National Curriculum.

What are some high schools that teach visual arts and design?

Help us narrow the question down by telling us where you are.

Do all schools teach French?

No, not all schools offer French language, history and culture instruction. French is a major world language. But schools face tight budgets. They need to match their offerings with the needs of the community and with national and international trends. In a community where Spanish is a major second language, French may not be considered a critical language to learn.