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The answer is instructor i think im not sure.

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To demonstrate respect, just as we call female teachers Ma'am.

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Q: Why do you call male teachers Sir?
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Should students have to address their teachers as Ma'ma or Sir?

No I would call them mrs. or mr.

Can you call a gay man sir?

Yes, Sir refers to a male. Whether or not he is gay or straight is irrelevant.

Are there India male teachers?

Yes, there are a lot of Indian male teachers in this world.

How do you call a man with many girlfriends?

I call a guy with many girlfriends a Legend.Or, simply he can be called as "SIR RAM KUMAR"

What teachers are known as in spanish?

'Maestras' for female teachers, or 'maestros' for male teachers 'Maestra' for a female teacher, or 'maestro' for a male teacher

What is your sst teachers name?

kartik sir

Is it true that boys do a lot worse with female teachers than with male teachers in school subjects?

yes it is true they relate more to male teachers

Why do people continuously call you sir when you are a man?

Because the origin of the word "Sir" derives from the Middle French word sire which is a honorific title to a male leader which means mylord. In most history of leadership around the world during the medieval times are male.It also derive from the Old French "sieur" which is a contraction title "Seigneur" meaning "lord'.Today the word sir is commonly used to call a male person if you don't know his name. It also use to address a male higher ranking official in a company or organization. Or it is simply a word to call to a male person to show respect.

Why are teachers fierce?

because you suck at studies, sir

Do we say dear sir or respected sir?

i think respected sir is incorrect we call sir with respect so there is no need to call respected sir

What were Sir Edmund Hillarys parent s occupations?

They both worked as Teachers. They both worked as Teachers.

When did men stop being teachers?

Men haven't stopped being teachers. There are still male teachers.