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Q: Why do you think the people in charge hide this technological a?
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Why do most on line dates male and female hide their true identities?

I think people use the internet to hide their true identity to keep from being hurt or embarrassed of who they are or what they look like.There can many reasons why people hide who they really are.

Why do Chinese people think pandas are magic?

Because they hide in the bamboo so well

What is the horror film where the boys crayons roll under the bed and the people get cloned?

i think that might be hide and seek. THINK

What kinds of drugs do people do?

The people are stupid to think about drugs that are bad for health so run around in circles or hide in your pants. PRESTO!

Why did they use trenches in 1914?

They hide and shoot from them and if they get aggravated by the enemy they can charge them.

Were wouuld Jewish people hide?

whereever the they could hide. some built houses and started a new life under a false identity, others took te shelter of another famly to protect them. it depends on what they think would think is safest. -AnSwEr

Where do germs go to hide?

germs go and hide on anything really. the most common place is on doorknobs. Most people think that germs only hide on disgusting things but really they are every where. Without germs our body wouldn't be immune to diseases.

What features should I look for when buying security cameras?

You should think about the size of them. Also if people will notice them and be able to hide from them.

Were do elves hide in your house?

Elves Hide somewhere where they think humans will never look.

What does the spots on a lady birds back mean?

the spots on a ladybirds are for camouflage so they can hide from predators

How do people hide?

in the Holocaust people really couldn't hide. the only way possible for them to hide was to leave the country or live with a family who was not hunted by the Germans

How do you get people on club penguin to play hide and seek?

To get people to play hide and seek ask them to play