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Rather than putting out the problem, solution is being given a thought. This with the leadership skills makes a good manager.

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Q: Why do you think you can become a good manager?
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Become a Manager?

Some people think the only way to become manager of a clothing store is by "putting in one's time" at a company. This is not true. One way to quickly become a manager at a store is by going through a manager training program at a college. A manager training program gives you leadership skills to become a manager.

Can a famous person become a manager?

Anyone can become a manager provided s/he has the right skills:- Good Organization- Leadership- Respect form himself as well as for others- Good communicator

What did Philippe Citerne think about being a good manager?

"You have to be humble and you have to be best of breed as a good manager. But it does help if you understand what is going on in everybody's business."

Will Carlo ancholotti be a good manager for Chelsea?

yes i think he will be because he has good potential

How do you become a entertainment manager?

How do you become an entertainment manager?

How may one become a successful engineer manager?

Step 1: Become a successful engineer. Step 2: Observe what makes a good manager and what makes a bad manager. Step 3: Take courses (MBA) in management.

Can a good bank manager be a good university chancellor .(25 marks)?

I don't think so.

What education is required to become a major league baseball manager?

i think it would be sports and colledge.

How do you be project manager?

Becoming a Project Manager is not easy. A lot of people think that if someone is a good developer he/she would be a good manager as well. To be a good manager you need a range of skills and capabilities. They are: 1. Communication 2. Negotiation 3. Problem Solving 4. Influencing 5. Leadership

1 How would you respond to a fellow student who says I have a hard time getting along with other people but I think I could be a good manager?

Managers dont really have to get along with other people and most don't. As a manager you can not become a good buddy to your employees for numerous reasons such as having to fire them, discipline them, or lay them off. Also then the employee may slack off because they assume since they are good friends with their manager nothing will happen

When does bureaucracy become a problem in an organization?

I do think a bureaycracy become a problem in an organization whenever the manager fail to control the developmetn of the organizational hierarchy preperty

What kind of degree should i get to become a General Manager in Baseball?

A business degree would be a good start.