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It is possible for a story or poem to have no title, but that is eccentric. A story title functions in some ways like a newspaper headline. It arouses the reader's interest and it gives some indication of the content. It also gives the story an indentity, so people can talk about it conveniently.

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so you can tell what its about in a few words

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Q: Why does a report need a title?
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How long a Preliminary title report good from the time of mortgage application?

The title report should be dated as to the date the examination covers. When the mortgage is recorded the title report will need to be updated up until the recording of the mortgage.

What is a good title for an ecosystem report?

Your title must come from your report - finish the report first, then use the title to tell what your report is about.

When siting a report do you italicize the title of the report?

you can do that, or underline the title.

You have to do a report on Johannesburg and you need a title What should you call it?

You should call it History of Johannesburg.

How many spaces do you put in an unbound report after the title?

you need at lest 4 spaces.

When writing the title of a speech in a report do you put it in quotations?

Typically, for a speech title in a report, you do not need to use quotations. You can simply capitalize it and format it like a regular title within the report.

Is the subject of a report is called title yes or no?

No, the subject of a report is usually called the "title." The title provides a brief description of the content or focus of the report.

What should i title my report about new years resolutions?

The title of a report depends on what is in the report. So until you have written your report who knows what to call it

What is letter report?

A short appraisal report limited to property characteristics, valuation, and recommendation; a report by a title company as to the condition of the title on a specific date. A letter report gives no insurance on that title.

What is a good title for an Amanda Todd report?

Your title should come from what you have written. Finish your report, then use something from that report as the title. Using a title someone else invents will show immediately that you didn't write the title.

When writing a book report can the title of the book be the title of the book report?

It can be anything you want it to be technically. I would include the title of the book in the title of the book. For example: The Glorious Cause By Jeff Shaara could be the title of a book report.

What is the report title for AAA-117 report?

Enlisted Advancement Report