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Q: Why does the devil have two horns?
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When was The Devil's Horns created?

The Devil's Horns was created in 1939.

What actors and actresses appeared in Devil Horns - 2008?

The cast of Devil Horns - 2008 includes: Monica Garrison

Can you name who had two horns on his head?

the devil everyone knows that Oh, do they? How about the Greek god Pan?

Why do demons have horns?

Cuz demons are creatures created by the devil that came from hell and the devil likes horns so he put horns on his "minions" known as demons. Just remember that demons are basically the devil's minions. That's how evil they are.

How can you tell if you're a devil?

The horns give it away ^_~

Why don't trumpets have horns?

Cause they're not the devil

Why does taz spin?

Keeping with the devil theme, the Tasmanian devil spins around like a dust devil and has hair like devil horns

What does a angel with devil hrns mean?

Angels dont have devil horns. You must be talking about the jinn.

What are the release dates for Sketch Juice - 2014 Devil's Horns 1-3?

Sketch Juice - 2014 Devil's Horns 1-3 was released on: USA: 5 February 2014

Can you buy devil horns on Moshi Monsters?

no....sadly but if you adopt a diavlo on moshimonsters he comes with devil ears:)

How can you play as devil kazuya on tekken dark resurrection?

Devil Kazuya isn't an unlockable character. u have 2 by 3rd eye, devil wings, devil tail, devil horns and that's it.

What retail shops sell devil horns?

Devil horns can be purchased at any local Walmart, Kmart, Target, Shopko. They may also be purchased at most costume stores. Amazon and eBay will have them as well.