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Because the next two days are holidays and they usually prefer to chill out on fridays after an tiring week.

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Q: Why don't kids do homework on Fridays?
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How often do Chinese kids have homework?

Everyday include Monday to Fridays and Holidays. They usually get more hm wk then American kids because they get more hm wk on Holidays, weekends, and also early release days.

Do most kids hate homework than like it?

it all depends on if u like the subject or not and if its easy but most of the time thats a fat no kids like me dont like homework they just want to have fun and dont have to worry bout nonthang once they het home

What days do you get homework on Sims 3?

your sims will get homework every weekday (including friday). Fridays work can be completed on Saturday and Sunday.

How much homework did kids have in California?

Kids in California get the same amount of homework as kids in other states.

Why is hateing Homework such a wonderful thing?

Because it tears families apart. When there is homework kids are tired from school and dont want to do it and their moms want them to do it. It will eventually lead to yelling and screaming. I hope you can now understand why homework is so bad.

How much kids get homework each year?

No studies have been done, but most kids do have homework

What time would cartoon cartoon Fridays begin?

They dont show cartoon cartoon fridays anymore they stop making in 2003.

Why do kids get stressted over homework?

36% percent of kids get stressed about homework. if you want more info, go to it has alot of facts about kids having stress over homework and other things.

Are kids getting enough homework?

Yes because the school make sure to get the kids prepared for their future. Yes kids are getting enough homework.

Can kids 7-9 have a job?

i dont think so there to young for that kind of stuff. plus they have homework and they would pay more attion to that them there homework that is why kids cant babtsit. they coudnt take care of them and if 1 got sic kthey woudnt know wat to do. that is why they are to young to have jobs.

Can homework even help kids?

Some kids do, because their mind will wonder off (mostly because it will get boring for them.) Although, other kids will stay completely focused the entire time. If you just look over at them when they are doing their homework you can definitely tell.

Is homework kids responsibility?