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To create citizens who will obey authority, respect morals over ethics, value the group over the individual (any individual, not just themselves), and willingly embrace hardships for a greater cause, whether they themselves believe in it or not.

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Q: Why is Spartan education important to moderen day education?
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Why is ephors important to Sparta?

The ephors were an important part of the Spartan political structure. They were five annually elected officials who held significant power. They acted as a check on the power of the Spartan kings and oversaw the day-to-day administration of the state. The ephors played a crucial role in maintaining the stability and balance of power in Spartan society.

What did a spartan warrior do in the day?

Spartan soldiers lived by a rigorous training schedule thad kept them in shape for the moments when they had to fight as soldiers. The training and education schedule was regulated by law and made the daily lives of the warriors a highly organized affair.

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Why were the ephors so important to Sparta?

the ephors were known as the Spartan law officials. they would also put the kings in check.

What did Sparta boys do in the day?

Spartan boys were trained to be warriors from an early age. This culminated in a test where they were tasked to kill a slave by hand to prove their manhood. At this point they were accepted into the Spartan army.

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Importance of teacher's day?

It is important to keep many traditions. While a person attends school and continues their education, it is important to remember the person who is teaching. It is important to be thankful for the people who can teach and pass on information.

Does the word spartan mean richly decorated?

No, the word spartan actually means plain, simple, and lacking luxury or comfort. It is derived from the lifestyle and values of the ancient Spartans, who were known for their emphasis on discipline and simplicity.

What did Sparta use to do back in there city?

A typical spartan day involves vigorous training and preparing for any war

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