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If you mean decent (not descent), then to summarise, a person living a decent (moral and righteous life, NOT sinning or being evil), then at death, that person's spirit or soulspirits, at the death of the physical body, the spirit will go toward Heaven as reward for being moral or decent. If not, there can be problems and it is NOT nice at all, for the evil when their physical body drops to death and the soul of the evil is ugly and there are problems finding a place for them in a nice place since they have not earned a nice place.

Success is not always about finances, fame and so forth. Success is best measured as righteousnesses, morals kept to, politeness, truth, respect and so forth, GIVEN to others. And giving and working Charitably, is very righteous, if polite and giving and nice.

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Q: Why is descent behavior vital for one to succeed life?
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