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In middle school you spend at least five to seven minutes going from class to class. In the day you would typically have 6 classes. And so you spend about 30 minutes just doing that were as in elementary school you don't switch classes so there for you have thirty extra minutes. So in middle school it isn't that they don't want want you not to have it, its just that there isn't enough time in the day. Unless you want them to keep you in school another hour...(NOT)!

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Q: Why should we not you have recess in middle school?
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Can middle school have recess?

can midde school have recess everybody wants to know can middle school have recess please let me know and did you know when middle school have recess you can lose weight by it please give me any answers back thank you your very kindly .^-^

Is it a good thing to have twenty minute lunches in middle school?

we should have a normal class period of recess

Middle school students have recess?

No of course not _____________________ Yes, actually, they do have a sort of 'recess' in middle school. They're allowed out - usually for anywhere between 20-45 minutes - and then brought back inside. The only real difference is that there's usually little or no play equipment in middle school.

How long is recess in most middle school?

45 min.

What schools don't have recess?

intermediate, middle, and high school

How long should recess be?

School recess should be 30 minutes a day for every kid.

Should there be recess at school?


What school do not have recess?

Usually middle schools and high schools don't.

Why shouldn't kids get more recess?

Because school is for learning, not playing.

Why is recess not in middle school?

because its time to grow up and not have to go play

Does Crabapple Middle School have recess?

Go look on the school website...Don't ask it on a website where no one goes to that school.

Should kids get no recess?

They should because if they been in school a long time they need their break which is lunch and recess and it will keep them happy.