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Q: Why some students acted different in school and in home?
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Do students in high school go home?

After school, yes, they do go home.

What is the difference between a boarding school and residential school?

A boarding school is for mainstream students who stay at school during the school year and return home during holidays. Residential schools the students stay for pretty much the entire year, and are often for students with disabilities and are usually specialized in different fields.

Why dont middle school students read?

Middle School Students do read. How much is determined by their environment, and their home life.

Are there any instrument classes for home school students available?

Here is a website for home school students in San Diego, CA.: I hope this helps.

Does family support affect students academic performance?

It can very easily. Whatever a student does in school affects what is going on at home. Whatever is going on at home affects what a student is doing in school. Both are very much related. Those students who have a positive support mechanism at home do better in school (in general). problems at home may give depressions on the students.. and depression can give a very great impact on the the students behave in school..

Can a public school principal provide aftercare to students at her home for a fee?

not possible. let students have time after school go home do their home works while teachers and principals prepare their lessons for next day.

In Germany do the students stay at school or do they go home for lunch?

Germans go home since lunch isn't served at school.

Do principals let sick students go to school?

No, principals typically do not allow sick students to attend school to prevent the spread of illness to other students and staff. Sick students are usually advised to stay at home until they are no longer contagious and able to participate in school activities.

What are the benefits of the Virtual Cell textbook for students?

The Virtual Cell textbook for students in an online textbook that would benefit students who attend home school as well as a traditional school. One of the benefits for students who go to a traditional school is that they won't have to carry a heavy book in their backpacks.

How is school life different now?

School life is different now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with many students attending classes remotely from home. There is an increased reliance on technology for learning and communication. Social interactions and extracurricular activities are limited, impacting the overall school experience.

Do french students go home for lunch?

Yes, many French students go home for lunch during the school day. It is common for schools in France to have a longer lunch break, allowing students to have a proper meal at home before returning to school for afternoon classes. This tradition of going home for lunch is deeply rooted in French culture.

How does home economics help middle school students?

I guess by preparing them for the class which they might have to take in high school.