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They lost the war and in the treaty they had to pay back the countries they lost the war to. They also couldn't maintain a military even for protection. The conditions created a situation where the Germans resented the treaty and will eventually react by empowering Hitler.

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Many Germans believed that the Armistice that brought the First World War to an end was because of a "draw" of sorts. The Western Allies didn't see it that way and the peace treaty, the Treaty of Versailles, severely punished Germany for starting the war. The treaty punished Germany in many ways. They had to pay war reparations, give up colonies, reduce their military to a small number and forbid building submarines. Basically the treaty humiliated Germany. The kaiser, had to flee Germany as he was held greatly responsible for all of Germany's post war troubles.

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Q: Why were the Germans so angry at the end of ww1?
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Why are Germans so angry?

Germans are so angry because they are superior.

Why where the Germans so angry t the end of ww2?

Germans were angry after the end of World War 1- because of the peace treaty conditions that bankrupted Germany. After WW 2 they were so soundly beaten and destroyed that they were not really angry- they were just bombed, shelled and shot to the point of quitting.

Why was Czechoslovakia so important to Hitler?

A majority of the population there was already Germans that had been living their during WW1 when it became Czechoslovakia.

Did Germans feel the Jews were ther reason for the loss of the Great War?

When Hitler came to power, he said that the reason Germany came out of WW1 so badly was because the Jews were stealing all the jobs and space. Most Germans agreed with Hitler, because they needed somebody to blame for the disaster of WW1.

Why is ww1 called ww1?

WW1 was so called after the end of WW2. It was originally called the "Great War" because at that time it had been the greatest conflict ever fought all over the world.

Did Winston churchill cause world war 2?

No, in fact, Hitler did because in WW1, the Germans lost and had to pay lots of money to the wining side so they could fix their damaged weapons or vehicles that the Germans destroyed. This made Hitler quite angry and wanted to get them back for what they had to do for them. Glad to help !

What are 3 points in which the Treaty of Versailles caused World War 2?

This is just what i remember from school so correct me if I am wrong, but the treaty of Versailles made the Germans pay for all the damages done in WW1, both in its own country and in the others. I also remember, but I am not positive about this but after WW1 the Germans actually had less land and so greed played a part. That's all i remember i hope this helps

What came first world war 1 or Treaty of Versailles?

The treaty. The Germans considered it unfair and they got so angry that they immediately started the war-

Why did Germany resign from the league of nations?

after ww1 when the league of nations was formed in a hope of world peace Germany was originally apart of it. however after ww1 France took germanys army, airforce, coal and money so many Germans were angry and upset, this is why Hitler came to power because he gave the Germans hope again of raising an army and fighting back for their country so shortly after hilters rise to power Germany left the league of nations and created a huge army.

What event triggered the entry of the US into war?

One event that triggered the U.S. To go to war was the Zimmerman Telegraph: the proposal from Germany to Mexico where Germany offered Mexico a blank check to go to war with the U.S. The Germans were hoping the U.S. Would be to distracted with Mexico to enter in WW1, but the U.S. found out and was angry. This is one reason why they entered the war.

What are the BASIC reasons for world war 1?

Actually the whole reason for WW1 was because of only onefailed assasination (If I remember correctly) and the allies were allies of this nation and the Germans and their allies were somehow mutually negative to this nation so it started getting chaotic and turned into WW1.

Why did the Germans want Great Britain?

The Germans were at war with Britain because of Adolph Hitler, who wasn't happy with the result of Germany losing WW1 - 15% of their land being taken from them. Adolph Hitler was against Jews, and wanted to rule the world, so he tried - and failed.