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Of course! As long as you are willing to dedicate a fair amount of time in getting good in maths related modules....

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Q: Will a student whose not good in maths will able to do bachelors of business administration?
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Is there lot of maths in business administration?

Yes, there is accounting and financial accounting in business administration.

I am currently an A-Levels student with mainly business subjects, Accounting, and Business Studies.With my business subjects, will I get admission to the university for bachelor's in computer science do i need maths skills for persuing this degree?

Yes, you need maths for

What subjects do you need to do in high school in order to study business administration?

maths, English and computer skills that include using softwear

What are the career options For Commerce with maths?

The career options for Commerce with maths include chartered accountant or CA, company secretary, or cost accountant. Other careers include marketing or business administration.

Can you do architecture course being a commerce student without maths?

you can do architecture course being a commerce student. maths should be your one of the paper. without maths you can't do architecture

How can i see the model question paper from university of madras for bachelor of business administration maths paper?

Please check this link Regards Eldho

Can a commerce student without maths get admission in BBA?

commerce without maths in scope

Does student without maths can do psychology?

no yes

Can commerce student without maths do BBA?


Can a commerce student without maths get admission in nift?

No, maths is really necessary to get admission in NIFT

Can general maths student take science?


Is mca for non maths students?

Yes MCA can be done by a non MAths student but with some contraints.