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Yes, it will be uncomfortable, it takes a little practice, however, if you read the instructions carefully you will soon get the hang of it.

Even if you put it in right it can burn if you are a bit dry (we don't bleed all the time during menstruation). You can try putting Vaseline at the top.

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Q: Will it burn you if you put a tampon in wrong?
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Can you turn a tampon into a firework?

no because the tampon's cloth will not burn correctly. But you can make a fire out of it.

Does it hurt the baby if i put in a tampon?

It wouldn't hurt the baby, but why would you put in a tampon, if you're pregnant you don't have your period.

How do you put on and remove a tampon if you never got your period?

I hope you are not wearing a tampon when not on a period. This is unhealthy and if you are just starting your period you should not be using a tampon until you are older. The tampon box gives written as well as a diagram of how to put in a tampon. Follow the directions and read the warnings. This is very important.

How do you put a duck in a box?

Every tampon box has detailed instructions with picture of how to put a tampon in. Very gingerly Follow the instructions in the pack.

What is the best way to insert a tampon in the anus?

is there a special way to put a tampon in my anus

Is there something wrong if a woman is on her period and is bleeding in the water?

no there is nothing wrong with you...just use a tampon when your in the water

Can you get a girl pregnant by ejaculating inside her while she is on her period and has a tampon in?

what is wrong with you??

What if you didnt take out the applicator when you put the tampon in?

You might be uncomfortable, and the tampon would not be able to expand and function normally.

What do you do when you have started your period?

Put a tampon in or use a pad.

Can you eat meat pies with have diarrhea?

Put a tampon in your but

Do you have to put a tampon in fully?

Yes, it's fairly obvious that a tampon has to be inserted fully as that's the point. A tampon needs to be inserted fully so that they can full absorb menstrual flow in order to prevent leaks. If not inserted fully the tampon will stick out of the vaginal opening which would be very uncomfortable both because it'd push against underwear but also as it would hurt to be in the first few inches of the vagina.

How do you put a tampon in if you are a boy?

You can only use a tampon if you're menstruating - if you're a boy you may menstruate, but only if you have a uterus and vagina (e.g. if you're a trans boy). If you're a cis boy then there's absolutely no reason for you to be using tampons and nowhere for you to put a tampon as you don't have a vagina. So in short, if you are a boy you do not put a tampon in at all.