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That says "I want to know who you are and where you are from. "

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Q: Yo quiero saber quien eres y de donde eres?
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How do you say you should know who you are in Spanish?

Debes saber quien tu eres. Deberias saber quien eres.

Quien erers como te llamas y de donde eres?

Quien eres = Who are you Como te llamas = What is your name y de donde eres = and where are you from

What is donde eres in spanish?

de donde eres is where are you from

What is I am only yours honey in Spanish?

If you are a male; you should say: " Tú eres la unica (a) quien amo". Tú eres la única que yo amo. Tú eres la unica que quiero. Tú eres la unica a quien yo quiero. Tú eres mi única amada. Solamente te quiero a ti. Sólo a ti te amo. Sólo a ti te quiero. Eres mi único amor.......etc. If you are a female simply change the "a" at the end of the word unica to "o"; "amada" to "amado". There are lots of variations to " you are the only one I love" in spanish; but these may be the most popular ones.

What is 'Eres muy atractiva y gustaría saber de donde eres' when translated from Spanish to English?

Well, from what I can understand it means "you are very atractive and I would like to know where you are from" Hope it helped

What does kien eres mi amor and y de donde mean in English?

They mean 'where are you my love' from (looks like text speak - should be 'quien' not 'kien'! and 'and where are you from'.

What is tamvien de donde eres?

tam bien is like also and de donde eres is where are you from

What does apocode donde eres mean?

apocode (?) un poco de = a little of/from donde eres = where you are

What does hola quien eres mean in English?

"Hola quien eres" translates to "hello who are you" in English.

Was bedeutet quien eres in Deutsch?

"Quien eres" bedeutet "Wer bist du" auf Deutsch.

What does this say Quien eres?

"Who are you?"

How do you say 'Where are you from' in Spanish?

Informal: ¿De dónde eres? / ¿De donde vienes?Formal: ¿De dónde viene/es usted?de donde eres"Where are you from?" "De donde eres?""I am from..." "Soy de..."