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names do not translate if you want to know how to write it ask:- how do i write "name" in japanese? said the same

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Q: Your name is EUGENEwhat would it be in Japanese?
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How would you write the name Gibb in Japanese?

The name Gibb in Japanese would be written as ギッブ

What is the Japanese name for vera?

There is no Japanese equivalent to this name. If it were to be spelled in Japanese however, it would be: べラ

Can the Japanese word Kanjou be a name?

Yes it can be. Anything would be a suitable Japanese name.

What is the Japanese name for Juliet?

The Japanese name for Juliet is γ‚Έγƒ₯γƒͺγ‚¨γƒƒγƒˆ (Jurietto).

What does the name shantell mean in Japanese?

The name isn't Japanese so it won't have a meaning. But the Japanese way to say the name would be シャンテル (Shanteru).

How do you say lve in Japanese?

The name Ive would be イベ /i be/ in Japanese.

What does Quinn mean in Japanese?

クイン /ku in/ would be the Japanese term for that name.

Your name is katreina what would your name be in Japanese?

In Japanese, your name would be pronounced Kotreina. They don't have the "a" sound as in "cat." Therefore, all short a sounds would be turned into a short o sound.

What is the Japanese name for the English name Michael?

There is no Japanese equivalent of the name "Michael." However, it would be pronounced 'maikeru' and written: マイケル

What name would cat be in Japanese?


What is the name sheena in Japanese?

Names are not translated into other languages; they stay the same. However, for Japanese this name would need to be respelled in katakana for use in printed Japanese material. Based on the pronunciation of this name, the Japanese transliteration would probably be シーナ.

What does the last name Monton mean in Japanese?

The last name Monton has no meaning in Japanese. But if you're asking how to spell it in Japanese writing, it would be モントン