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Zwei is the German word for the number two.

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Q: Zwei is the german word for the number?
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What does the German word 'zwei' mean?

zwei is German for two"Zwei" is German for "two."

What language is zwei in?

"Zwei" is the German word for "two."

What is the German word for 'two'?

"zwei" but WW2 would be "zweiter Weltkrieg" = second world war

How do you spell two in german?

Zwei is how you spell two in German.

How Do You Say there are two pens in German?

Zwei Kuli Two pens Bin Are Bin zwei Kuli Sorry, I forgot the word for there, Ich habe zwei Kuli I have two pens Hope this helps :)

How do you write II in German?

The number 2 is Zwei. Roman Numerals are the same in any language.

How do you say 2 sandwiches in German?

zwei belegte Brote zwei Sandwiches

How do you spell 2 in German?


What is zwei cubed?

If the questioner is writing in German, "zwei" means two, and its cube is 8.

Zwei mark 1876?

Zwei mark 1876 is German for 2 mark 1876.

What does ein zwei die mean?

"Eins, zwei, drei" is German for "one, two, three."

What is a zwei cubed?

Well, zwei is German for two, I believe. So two cubed would be eight.