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Off hand no but your explanations are not clear as to who is doing what to whom,,

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Q: If you put a 60W 120V bulb in a 120V lamp that has a transformer for 240V and plug it into a 240V outlet will it work or blow the circuitry?
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Can you run your neon sign of 120v 50hz 60hz 0.6a 7.5kv 30mA in an Australian 240v power outlet?

No. The neon sign is fed by a step-up transformer. Primary side 120V, secondary side 7500V. If you applied 240 to the primary side you would get 15000 volts on the neon tube. A flash over and then nothing. If you can find a transformer from 120V to 240V or 240V to 120V then you are good to go. Connect 240V to 240V side and you will get 120V out the other, connect the 120V side to the neon sign and you should have light. Transformer should be at least 100va. This will give you an output of .83 amps at 120V

Can 240V washer run on 120V outlet?


What happens if you plug a 120V appliance into a 240V outlet?

You will burn up your appliance!!!!!

Can you plug a 120v 20 amp wielder into a 240v 40 amp outlet?

Absoluteyl not.

I have 240V 3 wire twistlock plug and want to wire it so I have 120V outlet?


Can you take a 120V winecooler to Europe and use it with an 240V outlet and an adapter?

NO, unless you get a converter that converts 220 to 110.

How do you hook the 4 wires which are 2 whites 1 red and 1 black coming from the back of a generator to an outlet for 120v and 240v?

The whites are Neutrals or Grounds and the Red and Black are each 120v. One white and either the black or red for 120v and one white, both the red and black for 240v.

How do you change a heater from 120 volts 3a to 240 volts 1.5 a?

the simplest solution is by connecting two 120v 3amps heater in series , the same can be used directly on 240v. However the current drawn will still be 3 amps & Not 1.5 amps. The heater output power will be double that of a single heater running on 120v. ( or equvalent to two heaters operating on 120v. supply ) A more expensive method is to use a stepdown transformer which can be powered on 240v & connect the heater on the transformer 120v side. this method will consume approx. 1.5 amps from the 240v supply.

Are there adapters for 120 volts to 240 volts?

No. There are no "adaptors". To get 240V from a 120v supply you use a 120-240V step up transformer. <><><> Clothes dryers, water heaters and and other high-power 240 volt appliances cannot be run on a transformer from a 120 volt circuit. They must be powered from a separate branch circuit that has the right size breakers, cable and socket outlet to suit the appliance.

If you have a 240V 22A welder which has a plug similar but smaller than a dryer plug can you use this in a 120V outlet?

yes ofcourse they both are the same

How do you upgrade from 120V 15A to 120V 20A or from 240V 20A to 240V 30A?

You have to replace the wire (as you are increasing the current capacity), the outlet, and the breaker. Essentially you have to remove the old circuit and put in a new one. You can't reuse parts of the old circuit as you are increasing the current capacity and they would be underrated.

Can you convert an existing 120V plug on an appliance to a 240V plug not speaking of a converter but actually changing the plug so there are no long term effects on the appliance?

If I understand your question, Can you run a 110 appliance off of a 220 volt outlet? You could by only using one leg of the 220. You may also consider changing the outlet. Put in a regular 110 outlet and capping off one leg of the 220 in the wall box. You still have a neutral and a ground to work with. I read this as the questioner doesn't want to modify the outlet. Check the voltage ratings on the device. Many electronic devices nowadays can havdle 120V or 240V as it is cheaper to manufacture one powersupply and sell it everywhere. If your device is rated for 240V, you can put a 240V plug on it. If it only says 120V, no dice. 240V will burn it up.