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Obviously there is more than one way to do this.

VL = Ldi/dt Volts has units of Joules/Coulomb: J/C i has units of Coulombs/second: C/s

So di/di is C/s^2 L has units of J/C / C/s^2 = Js^2/C^2

Ic = CdV/dt => Ic/dV/dt = C/s / J/C-s = C/s * C-s/J = C^2/J C has units of C^2/J OR you could just type Q = CV => C = Q/V = C/J/C = C^2/J same answer

R = V/I => J/C / C/s = J-s/C^2

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What are the dimensions of mutual inductance!

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Q: What r the dimensions of mutual inductance?
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What is an example of mutual inductance?

A transformer because, to work, it must use mutual inductance between its separate windings.

What is the meaning of mutual inductance as transformer works on the principle of mutual inductance?

Mutual inductance describes the process by which a changing current in one coil, creates a changing magnetic flux which, when it links with a second coil, induces a changing voltage into that coil.

What are two types of EMF induced in a double wound transformer?

1. self- induction2. mutual- induction

What is inductance and types of inductance?

inductor is a electronic component that resist a change in the flow of current inductance is that property of inductor.

What principle emf induces in secondary winding of transformer?

mutual inductance

A common application of mutual inductance is found in a device called a?


Theory of coupled circuit?

Mutual inductance is the basic theory of the coupled circuits.

Which bridge is used to find mutual inductance?

heavy side campbell bridge

What is mutual conduction in magnets?

Mutual inductance is where the magnetic field generated by a coil of wire induces voltage in an adjacent coil of wire. A transformer is a device constructed of two or more coils in close proximity to each other, with the express purpose of creating a condition of mutual inductance between the coils.

What is mutual coupling in transformer?

It stands for how does the primary and secondary winding magnetic fields connected firmly without much of leakage flux.

Is the mutual inductance of a transformer is constant under all operating conditions?

The mutual inductance is defined as the voltage induced in one winding when the current in the other winding changes by one amp per second. In an AC system it is the open-circuit induced voltage in the secondary divided by 2 x pi x frequency times the current in the primary. The mutual inductance is determined by the size and shape of the transformer. However if the transformer is operated at more than the rated flux-density of the magnetic core material, the mutual inductance falls (for normal laminated iron cores the maximum flux density is 1 Weber per square metre).

What is meant by mutual inductance?

Mutual inductance is where two electrically separate coils of wire are either close to each other or share the same core. An alternating current flowing in one of the coils will 'induce' a current to flow in the other coil. For example by using coils wound with wire of the correct length and thickness, a transformer fed by mains electricity can by mutual inductance, produce a lower voltage to power your PC or radio.CommentMutual inductance occurs when a changing current (a.c. or d.c.) flowing in one coil induces a voltage (not a current!) into a second coil.