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Too many to count, some of the most well known are:




Fiddlerback Spider Venom



Botulinum (yes the bacteria used in botox)

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Q: How many lethal poisons exist?
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What could cyanide do?

Cyanides (HCN, KCN, NaCN) are lethal poisons.

Why is cyanide poison?

Cyanides (HCN, KCN, NaCN) are lethal poisons, which block the respiration.

What poisons exist than can have a hypnotic effect on the victim?

There are a few poisons that exist that can have a hypnotic effect on the victim. Generally poisons like weed or sleeping pills can make one have a hypnotic effect.

Is there a poison that can kill you by touching you?

There are poisons that can be absorbed through the skin and cause harm. For example, nerve agents like VX can be lethal upon skin contact. However, the likelihood of being exposed to such potent poisons is extremely low in everyday situations.

What kind of poison is cyanide?

Cyanides (HCN, KCN, NaCN) are lethal poisons, which block the respiration.

What is the punishment for selling lethal poisons in Verona?

In Verona, selling lethal poisons without a license is illegal and punishable by imprisonment and/or fines. The severity of the punishment may vary depending on the circumstances of the case and the laws of the jurisdiction where the offense occurred.

What poisons are undetectable in human body?

Poisons like cyanide, ricin, and arsenic are difficult to detect in the human body because they can break down quickly or metabolize into substances that are harder to trace. These poisons can be lethal in small doses and are not easily detected through routine toxicology screenings.

How many poisons are in tobacco?

In tobacco there are over 400 poisons

Why do lethal genes still exist in populations?

because its a free country

How many poisons are in a cigarett?

there are 200 known poisons i tobacco smoke

Are the poisons mentioned in the Harry Potter series really exist?

No. They are fiction books, so therefore it is fiction.

How many milligrams of cloxazolam would be lethal?

Lethal dose of benzodiazepines is NOT known.