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yes, but the laws change depending on the area and the species of wolf. from my point of view, poaching of any animal should be illegal.

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Q: Is wolves poaching illegal
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How is poaching good?

Poaching is not inherently good. It is illegal and unethical, as it involves hunting and killing protected or endangered animals for profit. Poaching threatens biodiversity, disrupts ecosystems, and can lead to the extinction of species.

What is the illegal hunting of protected animals called?


Is poaching illegal outside the US?

The definition of poaching is: -the act of hunting in areas or circumstances where hunting is illegal So by definition, poaching is never legal.

Why is rhino poaching illegal?

rhino poaching is illegal because the rhino is becoming an endangered species to the world

Is animal poaching illegal everywhere?

animal poaching is illegal everywhere around the world, as far as i know

Should you go pheasant poaching?

Since poaching is illegal, I would say no.

Illegal hunting of animals is called?

Illegal hunting is called poaching.

How do you go pheasant poaching?

Poaching is illegal, so very quietly and carefully if you know what is good for you.

Is there poaching in the us?

No You can't have legal poaching, that'd be like having a legal crime. Poaching is illegal hunting, so legal poaching would be hunting.

What is a another word for illegal trade?

Poaching - Illegal hunters are poachers.

What is the relasionship between legal hunting and poaching?

Poaching is illegal hunting. The difference? One is illegal, one isn't. Generally it would be illegal, because the animal is endangered, or you are hunting on private property.

Are zebras on the endangered list because of illegal poaching?