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Humans, dolphins, and many other species live on Planet Earth. Earth is not a supermarket, where you can pick what you choose. Rather, it is a delicate balance between everyone to keep all alive.

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Q: Why should people care if a species of dolphin dies out?
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Why should people care about Pink Dolphins?

The pink dolphin or Amazon river dolphin may or may not be endangered. It is difficult to know the population of this animal. Bolivia considers the pink river dolphin a national treasure.

Why should people care about Siberian tiger?

Siberian Tiger's should be saved because they are a type of species They are an apex predator, vital to the environment.

Is there a dolphin therapy job?

Yes. Island Dolphin Care use dolphin therapy, and other places as well.

Does a spotted dolphin care for its young?


Does a baby dolphin need parental care?

no not really since they do grow up in the wild with their parents but if not then maybe you should bring some professional help to it to get it care if it doesn't have its family with it.

How long do pink river dolphin care for the babies?

the personality of a river dolphin is friendly loving creatures

What are people called who work with Dolphins?

People who work with dolphins are often called dolphin trainers, marine mammal trainers, or animal care specialists. They are responsible for the daily care, training, and well-being of the dolphins under their supervision.

How does the mother dolphin take care of the baby dolphin?

The mother dolphin will nurse her baby on the surface of the water, lying on her side to allow the calf to breathe.

What makes dolphin unique?

there sense of watch and care

A baby dolphin would have rennin in its stomach?

A baby dolphin does indeed have rennin in i'ts stomach. This is because the dolphin is still developing and learning how to care for itself.

Why do you care if ocelots are endangared?

We should strive to protect endangered species, but the ocelot is not endangered.

Who takes care of the baby dolphin mom or dad?

the mom does