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A battery room may not require cooling, but it will require low humidity -- and for that you may need a cooling system or air conditioner.

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2009-12-17 04:52:07
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Q: Does battery room reqire air colling system?
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Example of open loop system?

An open loop system has no feedback. So if you had a resistance heater with an on/off switch and no thermostat it would just continually supply heat without regard to the temperature of the room. To stop the heat you would turn it off. In essence you become the feedback.

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A switchgear room is a room in a building which contains switchgear. It is typically a locked room in the ground floor of a building where the service enters the property. It would usually contain the supply authority's meters and the main protective devices (fuses, breakers) for the building's electrical installation. The room should not be used for storage or any other use.A different answerA switchgear room is an enclosed space - within an electrical power generating station or substation - in which are located high-voltage circuit breakers, protective relays, battery supplies, etc. The types of circuit breakers located inside switchgear rooms are indoor types and not suitable for locating in the substation compound. In the UK, these types of circuit breaker are typically metal-clad 11-kV oil circuit breakers (OCBs), and are supplied from primary (33/11-kV) transformers located in the substation compound and, themselves, supplied from outdoor-type 33-kV circuit breakers in the same compound.

What happen to pressure when increase room air change?

by increasing the room air change, pressure remains constant

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