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Electronic data interchange uses long wave medium to transmit data. This data is supplied by the electronic data interchange in San Francisco, California.

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Q: Electronic data interchange uses what type medium to transmit data?
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What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange Electronic Data Interchange

When was Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange created?

Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange was created in 1991.


Electronic Data Interchange.

What is edi in e-commerce?

Electronic Data Interchange.

What is full form of EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange

What is a EDI developer?

Electronic Data Interchange developer

What is the topmost Electronic Data Interchange layer?

business application

How to Migrate to open Electronic Data Interchange?

Open edi

What resource should a supervisor use to file a worker's compensation claims electronically?

Electronic Data Interchange

Is the internet considered a form of electronic data interchange?

The internet definitely is an example of electronic data interchange because information is sent from one computer to the next. And all of the systems are connected created one big electronic data network.

What is meant by electronic data interchange?

Electronic data interchange refers to a method of transferring data between different computer systems and networks. EDI is often used by bigger companies for e-commerce purposes.

Do computers have anything to do with electronic data interchange?

A better wording of the question asked, for my optimal response, would be as follows "Does electronic data interchange have anything to do with computers? and the answer would be yes. Electronic data interchange or more commonly known by it's acronym EDI, is a structured transmission of data it is used by a computer to transfer data to another computer. For example email is an example of EDI.

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