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Structured programming language is actually a concept used to improvise the code over common procedural language. Structured programming is somewhat similar to Object Oriented Programming or OOP, which are blocks of code from sub-routines that define a program's functionality.

Here are the features:

· Division of large problems into small procedures and functions

· Absence of Go to statement

· Main statements include If-then-else, call, and case statements

· Inclusion of facilities for declaring entry points and external references

· Extensive set of operators include arithmetic, relational, logical, bit manipulation, shift, and part word operators

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block-structured definitionlanguage

Any programming language in which sections of source code contained within pairs of matching delimiters such as " " and "" (e.g. in C) or "begin" and "end" (e.g. Algol) are executed as asingle unit. A block of code may be the body of a subroutine orfunction, or it may be controlled by conditional execution ( if statement) or repeated execution ( while statement, for statement, etc.).

In all but the most primitive block structured languages avariable's scope can be limited to the block in which it is declared.

Block-structured languages support structured programming whereeach block can be written without detailed knowledge of the innerworkings of other blocks, thus allowing a top-down design approach.

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Large things are logically broken down into smaller things in a structured way in order to make them easier to follow. Structured programming can also be referred to as modular programming.

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Q: Features of structured programming language
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A programming language that encourages structured programming?

C++ (or any other C language) encourages structured programming. I'm not sure if you are asking for an 'object oriented language' rather than structured. If that's the case, any C language or Java would fit the description perfectly.

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C is a structured programming language. PHP, COBOL is also a structured programming language. These languages follow a top down approach.

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It is a structured, procedural, high level programming language.

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PL3 stands for "Programming Language 3," which is a computer programming language developed by IBM. It is widely used by businesses for developing applications that run on their mainframe systems. PL3 includes features such as structured programming, data processing capabilities, and strong support for file handling.

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a high-level structured computer programming language used for teaching and general programming.

What are the differences between structured English and pseudo code?

Structured English is a subset of English language used to represent program logic in a clear and structured manner, while pseudo code is a high-level description of an algorithm that uses a mixture of natural language and programming language syntax. Pseudo code is closer to actual programming language syntax compared to structured English, which is more focused on readability and understanding by non-programmers.

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