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how to calculate gate valve torgue. What is the torgue required for 1100NB gate vave used for 3kg/cm2 steam line

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Q: How do you calculate torque of a gate valve?
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How do you calculate gate valve sizes for pipelines?

the gate value size should be greater than size of pipe .

What are the basic components of a gate valve?

the gate and the valve.

How do you calculate butterfly valve torque?

Torque for butterfly valves cannot be determined using a generic method. You must request the conversion table from the manufacturer.

What is Forged steel gate valve flanged?

Forged steel gate valve flanged is just a gate valve which with a flange.

What is the function of gate valve?

A gate valve is positive shut off and used for on of off . A globe valve is for throttling

What is the difference between a knife gate valve a gate valve?

A Knife Gate Valve is used to slice through sludge /sewerage and a gate is used fro normal positive shut off If you want to find the photo of Knife Gate Valve,you can enter to the link:

What is the difference of gate valve to gate valve?

a gate valve is a valve you turn the handle round and round until it shuts off a ball valve is a valve with a lever that you turn 1/4 turn and its off hope this helps plumber paul

What is the difference between a control valve and a gate valve in a stand pipe system?

a gate valve is a one way totally open or closed valve, a control valve is a variable valve.

Difference between globe valve and gate valve?

The Gate valve is the stop valve & the Globe valve is the fluid Regulating valve.

What valve is the preferred valve to use in throttling a gate valve or globe valve?

Never ever use a Gate type of valve for throttling ONLY a globe pattern is designed for this purpose and a needle valve

What type of valve is used in a peanut butter factory ball or gate or globe or gate?

gate valve. globes are used for throttling and have far too many turns. ball valves are not made for thick stuff. this question was on the inter-provincal exam they had globe valve, gate valve, diaphragm valve and piston valve. for answers too choose from.

How do you calculate hydraulic motor torque?

how to calculate hydraulic motor torque