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You might be able to use C to extract data from an Excel file, but there is no easy way to write a program to create an Excel file.

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2010-06-12 03:36:11
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Q: How do you easily create Excel files in c?
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How do you create and use your own header files in C?

> How do you create With your favourite text editor/IDE. > and use your own header files in C? #include "my_own_header.h"

How can you create a c program without using header file?

C programs do not require header files. If you want a C program without header files, you can simply not create them. However, you may or may not be able to include your non-header file source files.

Reports in Excel a. Cannot be customized by the user b. Display data in a way that can be easily printed c. Require knowledge of SQL to create d.Cannot be based on a single table of data?

Display data in a way that can be easily printed.

Open fopen create files. How to you create a folderdirectory?

In Visual C++, or C# you can use static method Directory or non-static DirectoryInfo.

How do you retrieve data from Excel using asp net?

You will need to use System.Data.OleDb to do it right. See the link for the full code sample in VB and C#

Is it possible to make two files on zombie farm?

no it is not possible to create two files on zombie farm you can thank Remington C. for this answer

What does the hashtag mean in programming?

In programming, specifically in C and C++, the hashtag (#) is used to include files into the main program and to create macros.

Can you use C plus plus with Excel spreadsheets?

This question is irrelative because C++ is a language and Excel is a software. The thing is that we can't use C++ with Excel, but we can write a program like excel in C++.

How I'm create source code in anci c?

C source files are plain text-files, so you can use any text-editor like NotePad, EditPad, and countless others.

How many files are created for c program when execute the program?

That's entirely up to the programmer. A program could create 0 files or 50 million files (or any number in between).

What is the CTRL C use in Excel for?

Ctrl C is used for copy in Excel, as it is in other applications.

How do compilers create and write to .exe files in C plus plus?

Compilers do not write EXE files, that is the job of the linker. When you build an application, the preprocessor directives are processed first, which produces intermediate source files for the compiler. The compiler then compiles those intermediate source files into object files. The linker then links all the object files and static libraries to create your executable file.

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