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Buy a kit at Wal-Mart or auto parts--comes with instructions

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2007-05-13 22:29:07
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Q: How do you recharge 97 contour ac?
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What is the freon R-134a capacity for a 96 Lumina AC 3.1 motor?

ive got the 97 3.1 and its rouhgly 30oz.

Is automotive current ac or DC?

D.C. - from a battery kept on recharge from the alternator. The alternator itself, as its name says, produces a.c., but this is fed into a rectifier included within the alternator case.

What devices are connected to the north bridge and south bridge?


Why is the ripple factor of a half wave rectifier greater than that of a full wave?

because in the halfwave the pulses of current to recharge the filter capacitor only happen on every other AC peak instead of on every AC peak, as in the fullwave. you can get the same ripple in a halfwave, but only by doubling the filter capacitor value from that needed by the fullwave. this may be too expensive or bulky.

Why the generators are always excited using dc voltage and not ac?

AC generators convert rotational energy into AC by moving a static magnetic field through the vicinity of the stator windings. You create this static magnetic field with DC. If you tried to use AC, the magnetic field would be varying, and this is more corectly known as a transformer. Since you want to boost the energy using rotational energy, you want the static field, hence the use of DC of excitation. Its not any different than the alternator in your car. It takes DC from the regulator producing a rotating field, and induces three phase AC in the stator. The difference is that the car alternator then rectifies the AC to make DC to recharge the battery and run the car's electrical system, where in a power plant you take the AC and step it up to the electrical transmission system.

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