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Make sure a password has been set on the computer and make sure its one that you know is easy to memorize but hard for others to find out. firewall - software firewall is a program that is stored into the computer which protects the computer from unauthorized incoming and outgoing data. virus protection program - that helps stop or detect and fix virus problems from happening.

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Q: How to prevent unauthorized memory access in c?
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How do you access memory dynamically in c plus plus?

You access memory with a pointer or a reference to the memory. To allocate memory dynamically, use calloc or malloc (C or C++) or new (C++ only).

How does c give access to low level memory?

Define 'low level memory' first.

How does C programming give access to low level memory?

Define 'low level memory' first.

What is called pointers-c plus plus?

A pointer in C++ is the same as a pointer in C -- it is a variable that is used to store a memory address and which allows indirect access to that memory address. When a pointer is not in use, it must be zeroed or nullified by assigning the NULL value, thus preventing indirect access to invalid memory.

What allows faster access- RAM ROM or virtual memory a. ROM b. Virtual Memory c. RAM d. All of the above?


What type of computer memory is used to load programs and transfer files during your work sessions A desktop backup drive B Random Access Memory RAM C Quick Memory QM?


How does memory cache speed up computer processing A Cahce memory doesn't need to be refreshed so access time is faster B Cache memory refreshes instantly so acess time is faster. C Cache memory uses?


Mention any two features omitted from java but present in c?

# Manual memory allocation/deallocation # (Semi-) direct access to registers

Is c a low level language?

C language is a middle level language, a middle language is one which somehow allows you to access your computer memory directly. Where as Java and C# are completely highlevel language as they dont allow you to directly access your computer memory, Assembly Language is said to be the low level language as it allow the the direct access of memory. you can read more on C language here: Actually, there are no 'middle level languages', machine code and Assembly is low level, everything else is high level. And of course you cannot break out from your virtual memory space using C (or any other language). It is called 'protected mode' for a reason.

What characteristics distinguish the various elements of a memory hierarchy?

Registers >> Cache >> Main Memory >> Magnetic disk >> Magnetic tape • As one goes down the hierarchy, the following occur: a . Decreasing cost per bit b . Increasing capacity c . Increasing access time d . Decreasing frequency of access to the memory by the processor

What is the memory management operator in c plus plus?

There is no memory management operator in C++ -- it is an unmanaged language. You use the C++ new operator to allocate memory, and use the C++ delete operator to release previously allocated memory.

What are the differences between C and Java reference variables?

Java does not have the concept of Reference Variables. We cannot access the memory location where the data is stored in Java.

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What is called pointers-c plus plus?

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